Does Gateway Community Christian Church believe in the Bible?

  • Yes. We recognize its authority and our need to adjust to it. (John 1:14)

Do we believe in Jesus?

  • Yes. Whatever disconnected you from God, Jesus is the only way to reconnect with Him. (Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 6, 8)

Is this church out of touch and irrelevant?

  • We hope not. The Bible is an old book, but has plenty to say about issues that we all face today. Each week we look into God's word and try to understand what He says about the everyday life issues that we all face.  What you learn on the weekend, you'll be able to use during the week.   


What about money?

  • At Gateway we are sincerely thankful for the financial offerings from those who have made this church their home. We seek to use these gifts wisely in service to our church and community. Attendance does not obligate you to give. If you are new to Gateway, please accept our weekly service as a gift to you.

Are there hypocrites at Gateway Community Christian Church?

  • Yes, and there is always room for one more.


Is Gateway going to get their own building?

  • First, let's remember that a church is not a building, but a community of people who serve others in Christ's name. Second, let's remember that buildings are expensive to construct and maintain. As a new church, we are aware that the cost of owning a building might significantly limit our ability to use our resources to serve the Bridger Valley. In the future we would like to have our own building. But, until God provides that option; right now we are enjoying the facilities that our community has allowed us to rent. If you have the skills and passion to help us locate a permanent building, please talk to anyone on our leadership team.
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